ZRG 2517 Black 17″ Wheeled Business Case


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ZRG 2517 Black 17″ Wheeled Business Case

ALUMINUM 3.0 Two-Wheel Business Case 29L


Size 23 x 43 x 43 (cm) Weight 5 kg Capacity 29L
Interior for business : Equipped with a removable bellows type pocket for organizing documents and materials.
Full-open specifications for easy viewing of luggage: Full-opening is possible by removing the stoppers on both sides.
PC storage case: Includes a storage case that protects laptops and tablets from shocks.
Two-wheeled casters with double ribs: Large two-wheeled casters are highly mobile and support stress-free movement.
Attention to detail: The parts such as the latch and handle match the color of the main unit to produce a cohesive look.
Strong and beautiful locking system: A sparkling latch equipped with a dial-type TSA locking system and an aluminum frame ensure robustness and airtightness.



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