Hyrdogen Water

Nature’s Best Antioxidant by Hydrogen-Radical-rich mineral water

AQUOLIA generates Hydrogen Radical H (Active Hydrogen) trapped in minerals and nano bubbles by world patented inventions by Dr. Hideo Hayakawa, Japan. This Hydrogen Radical is alive for extended hours even boiled or chilled. AQUOLIA is the best selling product for the class in Japan.

AQUOLIA Features

  • pH around Neutral – Not Alkali Ion Water
  • High Active-Hydrogen Radical Content
  • Inhibits Harmful Hydroxyl Radical
  • Reduces Harmful Trihalomethane
  • Reduces Unwanted Chlonine
  • Preserves & Adds Good Minerals
  • Maintains Oxygen
  • Chilling and Boiling Preserves Quality
  • Zero Water Wasted
  • Invented, Made & Best Seller in Japan

Aquolia SWM300 is now available
in North America

Patented in Japan, USA, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, China and Taiwan.

The goal of Inventor, Dr. Hideo Hayakawa was to improve tap or well water to the best natural water like the well water in Tlacote, Mexico (Tlacote Water video or Original Japanese Video) and Other Miracle Water. AQUOLIA SWM300 and SWM3500 are now available in North America.

Basics of AQUOLIA

  • Eletrolysis by Ultra-High Frequency Alternate Current
  • Platinum Plated Three Titanium Mesh Electrodes
  • Two Magnecium Alloy Plates in Plastic Capsules
  • Generates Active Hydrogen Radical H (Not H2 Molecule)
  • Traps Active Hydrogen Radical H in Minerals for Hours
  • Inhibits Hydroxyl Radical HO for about 72 Hours
  • Reduces Trihalomethane
  • pH Near Neutral
  • High Reduction Potential
  • Low Surface Tension, around 50-55 dyne/cm being well absorbed in Human Body (Tap Water, 75-80 dyne/cm)
  • Chilling or Boiling preserves above features
  • Only 10-20 Minutes to Create Active-hydrogen-rich Mineral Water

Nano-bubbles including active-hydrogen radicals are created by ultra-high frequency AC currents of about 30,000 cycles per second.

AQUOLIA Water Alkaline Ion Water Filtered Water
Balanced Minerals1 O x O
Plentiful Active Hydrogen2 O Δ x
Oxygen Preserved3 O x O
pH Level4 Neutral Alkaline Neutral
Infant, Weak Person to Drink5 O x O
Anti-Oxidation Strength6 O Δ x
Chilling & Boiling Keeps Quality7 O x O
Zero Water Wasted8 O x O

1. Alkaline Ion Water almost totally removes chlroline while Aquolia maintains portion of clorine and adds magnesium and zinc minerals.
2. Active Hydrogen is said to be trapped in minerals in Aquolia water and lasts at least for several hours owing to patented Ultra-high frequency AC electrolysis process.
3. Alkaline Ion Water almost totally removes Oxygen due to DC(direct curent) electrosis process.
4. pH (0-14 levels) indicates whether water is Acid or Alkaline. Aquolia’s pH level is neutral at around 7 or a bit lower as Natural water, while Alkaline water’s pH level is
strong Alkaline mostly over 8.5-9.0.
5. Because Alkaline water’s pH level is high, infant should not drink Alkaline water. Consult doctors whether weak or sick person may drink Alkaline water.
6. Aquolia has strong Anti-oxydation owing to Active Hydrogen.
7. Aquolia water may be chilled or boiled while maintaining water features.
8. Alkaline water generation process dumps water into drain.


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