Mission Statement



Thank you for your time and opportunity in allowing me to introduce Sanwa Enterprise Inc.  We have been in business for over 41 years now and plan to be around for the next 41 years with your support.

We have been able to diversify our business into different industries as the markets and trends have changed through-out the years.  Humbly we started our journey in 1975 hoping to secure a portion of the Japanese Tourism business, by the end of that Boom we had a total of 7 retail locations.

During the late 80’s our clients asked if we could manufacture different items for various industries.  Within the last few decades we have proudly joined the Commercial Real Estate market and currently own several commercial and residential properties both here in California and Nevada.     Today we would like to present our most successful line “Beverly Hills Cosmetics” Stick Perfumes.  We are proud to represent the most alluring scents and famous land sites. This item is perfect for tourists and perfume enthusiasts.